Creatives on Creativity

I was invited to film a performance laboratory and the island of Frioul, located in the Mediterranean just outside of Marseille in Southern France. It was an overnight full moon performance, without an audience.

This is the series of interviews that came out of that encounter. I asked 16 individuals, a poet, dancers, musicians, a camera person, and technical assistants who got together for a 12 hour experiment, to share their thoughts on what it means to be an artist in Marseille in 2017.

Many of the performers did not embrace the label but we spoke more about their creative impulse. What is it that they are exploring with their work. 

The question was inspired by my own desire to create art and the feeling I had that creating art meant something different in Europe and France, where there is support for the arts, than in San Francisco where I had come from, where art has a growing link to commerce.

When Nobody is Watching is a 16-part series of interviews reflecting on art, performance, audiences and process.

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