In conversation with dancer, Anais Poulet.

It’s this fragility of reality that touches me.

Anaïs Poulet

Anaïs Poulet is a performance artist and dancer born in the south of France. Her work is inspired by several styles of dance, improvisation, somatic movement, butoh, body-voice and mime. Her work explores cross-fertilization of subjects-material and people, approaching horizons and questioning the other.

Since 2013 she has been performing with various collectives including Myriam Lamotte’s company (Toulon), Ornic’art, Asile 404, (Marseille), the project Ungemütlich (Berlin), the project Overlabo (Toulouse), and a temporary collective of over 10 artists she formed to perform a full moon experiment on the island of Marseille.

Anaïs Poulet is conducting workshops and works in connection with visual artists, musicians, performers in the improvisation and experimental way.

Visit: anaispoulet.com