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Currently in the fourth season, This Beautiful Shot is Not an Accident began in 2017 as a space for me to explore topics that I was curious about but did not hear about in other venues. I wanted to show a behind-the-scenes view of the creative process and discuss the elements of filmmaking and storytelling that get overlooked such as the importance of sound and the impact of choosing subjects who rarely have a voice in the media.

Over the seasons I expanded my focus but stay within the realm of important yet overlooked aspects of storytelling.

Guests have included Ray Wan from the law firm, Earthjustice, Emily Gutierrez from Amnesty International, Professor Emeritus Michelle M. Wright author of Becoming Black (2004) and Physics of Blackness (2014), Della Duncan the host of the Upstream Podcast, radio artist and co-founder of Dascha Radio, Gabi Schaffner, San Francisco-based choreographer, performer and teacher Sara Shelton Mann and many more.

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Season 1: Storytelling for Social Change
Season 2: The Art of Listening
Season 3: The First Solo
Season 4: Empathy and Bridging Divides

Laura asks smart and directed questions that bring out the most thoughtful replies in this well curated repertoire of artists and changemakers. Highly recommended!

Quality Questions


A stimulating cup of creative therapy

As a person that works on visual storytelling, it’s always appreciated to have content that can sum up to our references. Especially if it’s audible content that will help to expand our knowledge in this fascinating field. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to the next season.

Great beautiful content for storytellers

Nomad Cook

Laura’s eloquent, nuanced, imaginative and textured storytelling provides an incredible dose of energy and inspiration to anyone engaging in a creative undertaking, no matter the form or context. Her multi-layered content, dynamic approach and conscious sensibility meet whoever is listening half-way in their creative journey, through stories that are both socially relatable and also pragmatically useful. Thanks so much for this podcast – it is a real treat to listen to, and is creative therapy for whoever is in the thick of the moment in the creative process, going through the up and downs of it all! Thanks for providing us with a map to navigate this space, arms to embrace and reach out across genres, discerning yet curious eyes, careful ears tuned into subtle vibrations, and a polyphonic voice able to express and adapt to the shifting nature and emotional unfoldings of the creative process.

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