A virtual museum of parks and public spaces in Berlin and beyond.

Portraits of parks,  the people who use them, the artifacts you find there, and the stories they tell.

PARK PROJECT BERLIN is a place to get quiet, reflect and feel grounded. It is a series about finding the beauty in stillness and struggle. It is about listening. Listening to nature. Listening to traces of history. Listening to the trees. Listening to the self. And listening to our fellow humans, both dead and alive.

PARK PROJECT BERLIN is a multi-year multimedia project, creating a snapshot of Berlin 30+ years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Filming the parks of Berlin and the people who use them while exploring the traces of history left behind.

Through videos and conversations I explore the importance of public space and the role that parks play in our society. The website contains over 50 videos, reflecting the visions of both old and new residents of Berlin. It shows the dynamics that have changed and continue to change Berlin.

PARK PROJECT GLOBAL expands the project beyond Berlin.

Currently PARK PROJECT GLOBAL includes parks in Germany, the USA and Mexico.

Additionally, I’ve done installations, performances and a sound walk as part of PARK PROJECT EXPANDED.


HOW DO WE LOVE THIS WORLD | if mushrooms could talk and trees could hug
Sound Installation

Curators: Sharon Harodi, Mika Kammerer
KuBa Kulturbahnhof, Klein Warnaw, Germany, August 2021

BENCHES | new moon in marseille
Video installation

Exhibition: A Full Moon Night
: Anïse Poulet
Location: Videodrome 2, Marseille France, May 5, 2019

SIANA II | [un]natural transitions
Video/Sound/Dance Performance

Project: Siana
Artist: Winona Lin
Location: Sprechsaal Gallery, Berlin, June 6, 2019

KÖRPER UND HELDEN | bodies & heroes
Photo Installation/ Video Performance

Exhibition: 7 Boards of Skills
Dancers: Anaïs Poulet, Christian Lehr
Musicians: Leander Reininghaus, Bernhard Wöstheinrich, Andreas von Garnier
Curator: Leander Reininghaus
Location: Im Grüner Bereich, Berlin, January 6, 2019

DIE LUST AM FLIEGEN | the desire to fly
Video/Audio Installation

Collaborator: Photographer, Gundula Friese
Exhibition: Denkmal Tag
Location: Lilienthal Park, Berlin, September 9, 2018

Video Installation

Exhibition: Zwitchen den Gipfeln
Curators: Margita Weiler, Stephan Kruhl
Location: Projektraum PremArts, Berlin, April 26-28, 2018

BERLIN FROM ABOVE | on the S-bahn

Exhibition: Fensterflügel
Curator: Franz J. Hugo
Location: Projektraum Ventilator 24, Berlin, December 8-16, 2017

Find the videos, articles, installation documentation and an expanding set of park portraits on the site: Park Project Berlin