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Mind the Gap is a multi-platform documentary project. I started with the question of why US cities were so difficult to get around without a car and how it could change.

As I studied urban politics, land use policies, the culture of individualism, the history of corporate investments which removed existing transit systems, I realized I was asking the wrong question.

On the surface, it seems like our transportation choices are personal. Which car should I drive, what color bike do I wish to ride, am I going to take the subway or Uber.

In reality, our transportation choices are political. The options available are governed by decisions made by local, regional and national policies and are more are more universally influenced by multinational interests.

In 2011 I started exploring this topic and the impact cultural values have on government policies.

Along the way, I started to examine my own auto usage, took up urban biking, and through my research decided I needed to leave the US to get a better understanding of the values at play.

Urban biking series available now.