Social distancing has changed the way

we say hello.

My Korean friends share a heart made popular by K-Pop singers, made by putting your pointer finger and thumb together to form an imaginary heart.

Some friends share a virtual hug via the Skype or Zoom.

Yet, greetings have always seemed a little tricky.

In some parts of France they do two kisses, in others three. Depending on where yo are from you kiss either right or left first.

In China the older generation bows and the younger generation shakes hands or hugs.

Crowd sourced archive of greetings.

I am collecting video of greetings from around the globe. 

You can join the project but filming a short clip of yourself demonstrating your favorite or traditional greeting style. 

Film a short demo, tell us what it means to you, upload to your favorite platform and send us a link.

Project Goal

I hope to collect different greeting styles from around the globe by mid-May and then edit a film later in the summer or 2020.




I’m collecting greetings from around the world and will create a short video to remind us of the times before half the world was in lockdown.

To participate in this project, film a short clip, upload it to YouTube or Vimeo and submit a link.

FILM YOUR GREETING | Suggested guidelines

  • Demonstrate the way you used to greet people (either alone or with someone you are on lockdown with)
  • Tell us what you like most about that greeting style
  • Tell us the history of the greeting (if you know the cultural context)
  • Tell us a time when you encountered a different way of saying hello and what happened


You can submit your video by Typeform.

Please include the following information:
– Country and/or region where this greeting is popular
– Style, if the greeting has a specific name
– History, if you know the history of the greeting
– Language, what language are you speaking
– Script, if not English, please transcribe the dialogue in your video
– Link, on Vimeo, YouTube, or Dropbox
– Password Information, if your video is password protected
– Name, as you would like it written in the credits
– Email, best way to reach you
– Permission, check that you give permission to include your clip if the video project, Greetings.


May 15, 2020